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Zero Cavity Club

To encourage kids to take care of their teeth, patients ages 12 and under are eligible for membership in our Zero Cavity Club. To qualify, your child must have no new cavities at their routine exam and cleaning.

At the end of each month, we enter the names of all children who qualify into a random drawing.One winner will be chosen and the winner is invited to the office to get their picture taken and receive a special reward appropriate to their age and interests such as movie tickets, amusement park passes or gift cards.

We also feature the names of each month’s Zero Cavity Club winners and photo in our office and website. The club is a great way to encourage your child to brush and floss and win the best prize of all: a healthy smile!

Recent Winners:
Emerson M. $25 Gift Card Feb 2015
Juliette S. $25 Gift Card March 2015
Brooke H. $25 Toys R Us Gift Card April 2015
Chase M. $25 Toys R Us Gift Card May 2015
Tyler J. $25 Toys R Us Gift Card June 2015
Sarah L. $25 Toys R Us Gift card July 2015