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Cities and Towns Served

At Smile Dental Center, San Mateo, we know how important your health and smile is to you and every one of your loved ones. We look forward to serve your entire Family, from babies, Children, to seniors, and build the long-term trust and relationships that make dental success happen.

We proudly support the following cities & towns:

Children’s Dentistry

  • Bay Area Children’s Dentistry
  • Belmont CA Children’s Dentistry
  • Belmont Hills CA Children’s Dentistry
  • Burlingame CA Children’s Dentistry
  • Foster City CA Children’s Dentistry
  • Fremont CA Children’s Dentistry
  • Half Moon Bay CA Children’s Dentistry
  • Hillsborough CA Children’s Dentistry
  • Milbrae CA Children’s Dentistry
  • Peninsula Children’s Dentistry
  • Redwood City CA Children’s Dentistry
  • Redwood Shores CA Children’s Dentistry
  • San Bruno CA Children’s Dentistry
  • San Bruno Hills CA Children’s Dentistry
  • San Carlos CA Children’s Dentistry
  • San Mateo CA Children’s Dentistry
  • South San Francisco CA Children’s Dentistry
  • Woodside CA Children’s Dentistry

Family Dentistry

  • Bay Area Family Dentistry
  • Belmont CA Family Dentistry
  • Belmont Hills CA Family Dentistry
  • Burlingame CA Family Dentistry
  • Foster City CA Family Dentistry
  • Fremont CA Family Dentistry
  • Half Moon Bay CA Family Dentistry
  • Hillsborough CA Family Dentistry
  • Milbrae CA Family Dentistry
  • Peninsula Family Dentistry
  • Redwood City CA Family Dentistry
  • Redwood Shores CA Family Dentistry
  • San Bruno CA Family Dentistry
  • San Bruno Hills CA Family Dentistry
  • San Carlos CA Family Dentistry
  • San Mateo CA Family Dentistry
  • South San Francisco CA Family Dentistry
  • Woodside CA Family Dentistry


  • Bay Area Orthodontist
  • Belmont CA Orthodontist
  • Belmont Hills CA Orthodontist
  • Burlingame CA Orthodontist
  • Foster City CA Orthodontist
  • Fremont CA Orthodontist
  • Half Moon Bay CA Orthodontist
  • Hillsborough CA Orthodontist
  • Milbrae CA Orthodontist
  • Peninsula Orthodontist
  • Redwood City CA Orthodontist
  • Redwood Shores CA Orthodontist
  • San Bruno CA Orthodontist
  • San Bruno Hills CA Orthodontist
  • San Carlos CA Orthodontist
  • San Mateo CA Orthodontist
  • South San Francisco CA Orthodontist
  • Woodside CA Orthodontist
Please Note: If your city or town isn’t listed, don’t worry, we will gladly help you!