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Your First Visit

Welcome To Your First Visit

Our goal is to have you at ease and relaxed from the minute you enter the practice.

We know that choosing a dental practice can be difficult, come by the office for an office tour and meet our staff. Transparency, personal and high-quality care are the fundamental principles which we run our practice by, and we look forward to meeting you!

We know how important having the right dental care is for you. Our goal is to have you at ease and relaxed right from the minute you enter the practice. We want to make our office feel like your home.
Right away, you’ll be greeted by our staff who enjoy taking loving of our patients. We have a wide selection of magazines, as well as fresh juice, water and coffee.

After you arrive and get settled in, we’ll go over your dental history and fill out the relevant forms. You’re very welcome to tour our office at this point if you want — we’re proud to have a very open, well-lit, and extremely modern practice, and we invite you to come see how you’ll be cared for.

Following that, we’ll take pictures of your whole mouth and teeth so you can be fully informed and understand visually what’s going on, and you completely understand. We’ve found that having advanced pictures helps you understand exactly where your dental health is at currently.

We’ll take X-rays if necessary, and really listen to you to find out what you need and want. The first visit is about having a relaxing atmosphere combined with a comprehensive examination so we understand your health very well.

Once we understand your goals and needs, we’ll make recommendations for treatment and really help you understand your options and make the perfect choice.
From start to finish, we look to have you comfortable and in great hands. When you family comes to the practice, we look to dissipate any fear in an environment where you feel right at home. We’re here to help out have the health and smile you want, to find the perfect treatment for you, to have you involved in the entire process, and to treat you the way you deserve — like family.