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The Latest In Technology

We pride ourselves in providing the latest technology to insure your dental health.
Up to date technologies: Kodak digital xrays, intraoral cameras, Softdent Practice management software, 3D cone beam CT scan and panorex.

Comfort Dentistry

We use special devices to give pain-free injections to promote painless dentistry. We use STA Magic Wand system. We use state of the art technologies to provide superior service to ensure their dental experience to be relaxing and comfortable.

We also have nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas), Oral and IV sedation for complicated procedures

Cone Beam CT 3-D Imaging

A Cone Beam CT is the standard of care for imaging for placement of dental implants. Successful oral implantation often depends on the proper preoperative treatment planning, during which the appropriate radiographic evaluations of the edentulous ridge and potential implant site are made.

The Cone Beam CT help the implant clinician to measure the height and width of the alveolar process to ensure adequate bone and to select appropriately sized implants. CBCT help the clinician to precise locate the mandibular canal (to avoid facial paresthesia) and the maxillary sinuses (to avoide perforation of the sinuses and creates the possibility of antral infections)

A traditional CT performed in a hospital has around 80% more radiation than a Cone Beam CT. X-Ray Radiation exposure to the patient is up 10 times less than a regular CT scanner.

CBCT give a much faster scan time. Scan on a CBCT takes between 10-40 sec, while on a regular CT scanner it takes a few minutes.
3D TV in each treatment room and waiting room

We have 3D TV in each treatment room to let you enjoy immerse three-dimensional images while you under dental treatment.

Kodak Intra-oral camera

Intra oral cameraThis revolutionary camera with its unique liquid lens technology works like the human eye to effortlessly capture clear, detailed images. Intra-oral cameras allow patients to see problems with their teeth and/or gums including tarnished or broken fillings, fractured teeth, tooth decay, bleeding gums and plaque. The intra-oral camera is an indispensable diagnostic and educational tool which is fully utilized by our doctors, specifically for those purposes and to enhance communication with our patients. With the use of the latest KODAK intra-oral camera system we take dental pictures on the spot with no need for the patient to leave the dentist’s chair.


Practice management software.

Our paperless environment not only makes our office “green,” but also gives us the ability communicate with other stakeholders about your health – such as your family doctor or your child’s Pediatrician – with ease and accuracy.

Latest Zoom Whitening

Latest LED Zoom light give beautiful smile with less sensitivity.